Ernie Rants and Raves…

First the Rave!

I love it when restaurants strive to do better. Choosing to use fresh products over frozen, keeping their standards high when others choose to only keep their prices high.

My choices for great food begins with La Michoacana on 98. Great authentic food without bowing to Tex-Mex standards. These guys rock!  Brush up on your Spanish - you're gonna love them!!

Rant time...

Fake food, television commercial food, FAST FOOD! Pictures portraying food in a manner that makes you want to spend your money on crap food.

You know, stuff like the Burger King Bacon King Sandwich. What a joke!!

You may notice that even your favorite restaurant has downsized your meals and increased prices. Even your favorite Bucket List/Vacation spot hopes you order another drink and don't notice.

Demand better product! Ok, I'm done for now....

Remember, Friends Don't let friends eat fast food!