Just The Cook SMS Terms and Conditions

These basic, plain-language, no-nonsense, we-treat-you-right terms and conditions cover our text messaging (SMS) promotions and offers.

What Number Does Just The Cook Send Messages From?

We only send messages from 669-800-1333. Also, we always identify who we are when we send you a message.

How Do I Opt-In To Your SMS Program?

You must first send JTC to 669-800-1333 to Opt-In to our SMS programs and offers. We never - ever- send text messages to numbers who have not first messaged us.

How Do I Opt-Out From Your SMS Program?

Please don't! But if you must go, if you don't love our discounts, coupons, special offers and free recipes, all you have to do is to send the word "STOP" to 669-800-1333. Your number will be removed from our system within 24 hours. We're only human, so if you receive another message from us after you Opt-Out, please just send another STOP and message us on Facebook. We'll fix it right away.

How Much Do The Text Messages Cost?

Whatever your cell phone service provider charges you for your text message program. Most cell service providers offer "unlimited text" features. If that is your case, our messages will cost you nothing. Bottom line: your cell phone service provider is the only one that can charge you for a text message. This is why we say "Message and data rates apply."

How Do I Get Help With Your Messages?

If you ever need help with a text message you have received from us, just text the word "HELP" to 669-800-1333.

Which Wireless Carrier Do You Support?

Hmmm.... All of them? Our servicing agency, LeadMagnet, supports all US wireless carriers. If your cell provider does not forward our messages to you, let us know!

What Is Your Privacy Policy Regarding My Cell Number?

Simple: We don't sell any of our customer's cell numbers. Ever. Never have. Never will.

What Kind of Things Will You Text Me About?

We will send you special offers, discount coupons, survey requests, review requests, special sales, free recipes and other things that we think our great customers would be interested in.

Will These Terms And Conditions Ever Change?

Change happens. However, when these terms and conditions change, we will send you notification of the changes and offer you a chance to Opt-Out. As you can see, these terms and conditions are in plain language. We will always treat you right.