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 Thank you for visiting Just The Cook, located in St. Andrews Marina, Panama City, Florida! The owner of Just The Cook -"Ernie" was hand picked by the Food Network as one of the Top 16 Cooks in America! We invite you to visit us to find out why!

Shortly after appearing on America's Best Cook Ernie was featured on The Cooking Channel's new show "Trending Bites". Culinary trends are always changing and Trending Bites takes a look at what's dominating the scene right now. Host Mo Rocca gives you an inside look at the chefs and businesses that are revolutionizing the food industry.

So what does this mean to you? Obviously we love preparing Great Food made with the freshest product available. That's why we maintain our own garden year-round and shop for fresh products every single day. Bottom line, we like to introduce you to Classic American Cuisine that has been elevated Ernie's way.





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Meet our Team

We encourage you to visit and meet our team of cooks!

Ernie, a professional eater since 1964, got real frustrated one year with wasting money on fast food and decided it was time to save money by learning how to cook. Years later "Just The Cook" was born in his kitchen in Germantown, Tennessee as an online cooking show that aired 3 times a week! Ernie is a proud U.S. Marine who served with both 3rd BN 8th Marines and in Iraq with 3rd BN 23rd Marines. When you get to the boat ask Ernie about the rest of the story!

Phillip, Phillip, Phillip... Where do we start? Phillip is a very seasoned cook with experience in multiple restaurants from Memphis, Arkansas, Mississippi and to Panama City, Florida. After Phillip moved back to Panama City he walked by the boat one day and spoke briefly with Ernie. As he left Phillip whispered to himself, "I'll work there one day"! Turns out Ernie was thinking the same thing! Since then Phillip has become an integral part of Just The Cook and customers love him! 


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